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Comments and Reviews

"Step Into A World Of Comedy, Where You Become The Detective."

“Great day away from parks. A MUST DO!!”

"The audience was fun and made the whole show more enjoyable! It was very family friendly. We got discount tickets to the comedy show next door and enjoyed the comedian. We will make this a park get away for every trip!!!"

“Delightful Experience!”

"Worth every penny! I took my 10 year old boy-girl twins and they had a great time! My son was chosen to be a junior private investigator. It was so cute! The staff was friendly and engaging and the food was really good!"

“Best combination of food, entertainment and price for night-time fun in Orlando”

"We've been here more than 100 times and still enjoy it. They rotate 12-15 shows AND the actors often change roles; which makes each visit unique! The food is very good and how could you NOT appreciate all you can drink beer, wine or soft drinks! THIS is really a do not miss night out when you're in Orlando."

“Amazing and enjoyable evening! Great food and entertainment!”

"Met by cast and taken to table so fun began instantly. The evening was hosted by a very charismatic and dry narrator. The rest of the cast were great fun too! The food was very good with plenty of beverages available. Lots of twists and turns in the production and plenty of fun audience participation! Lots of laughs! A very good evening! Highly recommended!"

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows